Individual Motors


Canadian Electric Vehicles is proud to announce the release of the newest member of the NetGain Motors product line — The HyPer 9  Brushless AC motor system. This AC motor is the ideal power-train for any light to mid-weight EV Conversion delivering class leading torque, efficiency, and reliability.  The HyPer 9 IS™ includes the brushless HyPer 9™ Motor, HyPer-Drive X1™ Controller/inverter, LV wire harness, compact display, throttle, and main contactor. The HyPer 9 operates at a 100V nominal, using 750 Amps, weighs approx 120lbs and delivers an impressive 173ft-lbs of torque at 0 RPM.


We also offer the traditional WARP series of DC motors from NetGain shown below.


Motor Size:8″9″11″
Dimensions:8″ x 14.69″ Body9.25″ x 15.93 Body11.25″ x 17.27 Body
Operating Voltage:72-144VDC72-144VDC72-144VDC
Operating Current:178A Continuous190A Continuous190A Continuous
Drive Shaft:1.125″ x 1.375″ Keyed1.25″ x 5 Keyed1.25″ x 5 Keyed
Tail Shaft:.0.75″ x 1.85″ Keyed.0.75″ x 1.85″ Keyed0.75″ x 1.75″ Keyed
Horsepower:19HP Continuous32.3HP Continuous43.7HP Continuous
Weight:110 lbs156 lbs229 lbs