A/C Motor Drive Systems


HPEV AC Drive System Available in Sizes AC09, AC12, AC15, AC20, AC35, AC50 and AC75

AC50 System Includes:

  • AC50 Motor (50 HP peak/continuous, 6500RPM)
  • 650 A Regen Controller
  • Wiring Harness
  • Gauge displaying Motor RPM & Temperature
  • Controller Monitoring and System Diagnostics
  • High Performance AC motor
  • 72 to 108 volt Curtis Regen Controller

This High Performance AC motor 72 to 108 volt Curtis Regen Controller model 1238-7601 motor and controller combination produces 50 hp peak and 100 ft/lbs of peak torque. It will make a performance car out of smaller vehicles such as the Geo Metro.

Also great for making your own plug-in hybrid or for boats over 30 feet. It will take an S-10 size truck or comparable car up to freeway speeds of 65 to 70 mph if the transmission is retained.

Relatively low voltage for an AC system allows for less cost in batteries plus a weight savings. The motor has the same bolt pattern, shaft diameter, and length as an Advanced DC 9 inch or Netgain WarP 9. The controller has both off pedal and addition braking regen.

Finally an affordable AC system to compete with DC systems. Compare the price of this system to the Azure Dynamics/Solectria system of similar power. The torque is about double on this system.

AC motors fit well with 9″ CEV Motor Adapters

System works well with:
EV Pro Fuel Gauge
Delta-Q 96V Charger
Surepower DC-DC Converter

Resources and Technical Specifications:
AC9 48 volts 350 amps450 amps650 amps AC9 Mechanical Drawing Page1 Page2
AC12 48 volts 350 amps450 amps650 amps AC12 Mechanical Drawing Page1 Page2
AC12 72 volts 300 amps550 amps650 amps
AC12 96 volts 650 amps
AC12 144 volts 500 amps
AC15 72 volts 300 amps550 amps AC15 Mechanical Drawing Page1 Page2
AC15 96 volts 650 amps
AC20 36 volts 350 amps450 amps650 amps AC20 Mechanical Drawing Page1 Page2
AC20 48 volts 350 amps450 amps650 amps
AC20 72 volts 300 amps550 amps650 amps
AC20 96 volts 650 amps
AC20 108 volts 650 amps
AC20 144 volts 500 amps
AC35 36 volts 650 amps AC35 Mechanical Drawing Page1 Page2
AC35 48 volts 650 amps
AC35 72 volts 550 amps650 amps
AC35 96 volts 650 amps
AC35 108 volts 650 amps
AC35 144 volts 500 amps
AC36 72 volts 550 amps650 amps
AC36 96 volts 650 amps
AC36 108 volts 650 amps
AC35x2 96 volts 650 amps
AC35x2 144 volts 550 amps AC35 Dual Mechanical Drawing Page1 Page2
AC36x2 72 volts 550 amps
AC36x2 96 volts 650 amps
AC36x2 108 volts 650 amps
AC50 48 volts 650 amps AC50 Mechanical Drawing Page1 Page2
AC50 72 volts 550 amps650 amps
AC50 96 volts 650 amps
AC50 108 volts 650 amps
AC50 144 volts 500 amps
AC51 96 volts 650 amps
AC51 108 volts 650 amps
AC51 144 volts 500 amps

AC System Wiring
AC 1238 Controller Manual