Might-E Tug

Might-E Tug

Might-E Tug
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Might-E Tug

Introducing the Might-E Tug, a multipurpose electric towing unit designed to move a variety of carts, bin and equipment.

The Might-E Tug is available in 24-Volt regular and super-duty models, and has a pulling capacity of 2,000 – 7,000 pounds on hard, level surfaces


The Might-E Tug is ergonomically designed for ease of operation, and greatly reduces the potential for operator injury by eliminating the effort of moving heavy loads.

Standard duty Might-E Tugs are primarily used in hospital laundry and food service departments towing a variety of carts. Super duty Might-E Tugs are ideal for use in manufacturing sectors and equipment moving.


System Voltage – 24 24
Motor – 24V 3/4 HP Permanent Magnet 24V 2-1/4 HP Permanent Magnet
Transaxle Ratio – 20 : 1 30 : 1
Controller – 24V 70A 4 QUADRANT 24V 110A 4 QUADRANT
Battery Options 2 x 12V Sealed Lead Acid @ 75AH / 100 AH 4 x 6V Sealed Lead Acid @ 220 AH
Maximum Speed – 4 Km/Hr.
Towning Capacity – 2000 Lbs. 7000 Lbs.
Pulling Force – 140 Lbs. 280 Lbs.
Tug weight with batteries – 200 Lbs. 390 Lbs.
Tires – 10″ Non-marking Tires 13″ Turf Tires
Tires Pressure – 35 PSI 25 PSI
Charger – 110 VAC 5A 110 VAC 5A


Battery Charge Level Indicator
Variable Speed Control
Forward and Reverse Modes
Keyed Ignition
Dead Man Switch
Electric Parking Brake
Interference Shielded Electronics
Welded, Heavy-Duty Aluminum Box Construction
Powder Coated Finish
1 Year Limited Warranty


Various Tow Hitches and Tow Bars
240 Volt Chargers
Rear Wheel Guard
Strobe Light
Outdoor Tires


Hitch Styles



  • We have been using the tuggers at NRGH for the pulling of our linen totes ( both soiled and clean). Staff then inquired if they could use them for the pulling of the large linen supply carts. We had hitches installed on our linen supply carts and staff use them all the time for the moving of these carts. We are now looking forward to having hitches put on the food service carts to move them as well. As a supervisor the risk of injury has been substantially reduced since using these tuggers. We would not be without them!!

    Linda Fearn, E.S.S. Supervisor Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH)
  • I find the carts easier to move using the tugger as opposed to moving them manually.

    Anna, Linen Services Worker Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
  • I absolutely love the tuggers! Having a previous elbow injury, the tugger has helped tremendously!

    Maureen, Linen Services Worker Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
  • They are great!! They save on repetetive moves.

    Dave, Transportation Attendant Nanaimo Regional General Hospital