Airport Service Vehicles

Airport Service Vehicles

Airport Service Vehicles

Airport Service Vehicles

Canadian Electric Vehicles has the experience of converting over 60 aircraft refueling trucks to electric power.

These vehicles are in use at airports in North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia. CEV’s experience in the design and installation of conversion kits give you the benefit of a drop-in system that is easy to install and customized to your requirements. From 48 volt to over 100 volts our AC drive systems offer superior performance over previous DC systems. Combine this system with our Lithium batteries for extended run times. Kits come complete with chargers, controllers, motors, control boxes and with all the switches, relays, dashes, gauges and harnesses. All the parts you need from one experienced supplier to efficiently and quickly convert your equipment.



Front Axle – 4,700 lb Capacity
Rear Axle – 7,950 lb Capacity
Brake System – Vacuum/Hydraulic. Front Disc; Rear Drum. Power Brake: Electro-Vacuum.
Speed – 25MPH
Travel Distance – Unloaded: 15-20 miles; Loaded: 12-17 miles
Charge Time – 3 hours to 80% Charge
Energy Requirements – 220V -30A – 50/60Hz
Safety Interlock System – Charger & Accessory
System Voltage – 96V – 60 kW AC
Controller – 96V/650 AC Controller
Charger – 5 kW 3 Stage Automatic
Batteries – Lead Acid 245 A/h – 6V – Qty 16
Battery Watering System – Single Point
Heater – Integral Heater 1,500 Watts
Mirrors – Stainless Steel Convex Spot Mirrors
Roof – Two Way Fresh Air Roof Vent
Seats – Highback Recycling Drivers Seat with Two Single Occupant Fold-Down Seats
Steering – Tilt & Telescopic Power Steering. Electro-Hydraulic.
Tires – 215/85R – 16E (10 ply)
Transmission – Single Speed with Neutral Lockout for Towing


Lead Acid 305 A/h – 6V – Qty 16 (Increase unloaded travel distance to 20-25 miles and loaded travel distance to 17-22 miles) Lithium batteries available for extended range