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About Us

Designing and manufacturing electric vehicles and electric vehicle components for over 20 years.

Canadian Electric Vehicles (CEV) has been designing and manufacturing electric vehicles and electric vehicle components for over 20 years. With world-wide sales CEV is a successful global business. Vehicles in service range in size from three ton aircraft refueling and LAV trucks to the Might-E Tug, an electric towing unit which tows a variety of carts and equipment weighing up to 10,000 pounds. The primary CEV product is the Might-E Truck, a custom heavy duty electric utility vehicle. Might-E Trucks are in operation at Universities, Government Sites, Industries, Parks, Municipalities and private companies.

In 2000 Canadian Electric Vehicles was approached by Los Angeles airport to design and build an electric powered aircraft refueling truck. Over 70 of these three ton trucks have been converted and are in use at airports in North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia. Randy Holmquist, with his staff of technicians and engineers continues to offer contract research and development services for the design and prototyping of electric vehicles for various industrial applications. now in use in many hospitals, airports (Hong Kong), ferry terminals (BC Ferries) and manufacturing plants (Boeing, Detroit Diesel).

At the Canadian Electric Vehicles manufacturing plant the Might-E Truck is built from the ground up using North American automotive parts. The Might-E Truck is a custom built, electric powered, utility vehicle. Road legal under Transport Canada regulations for Low Speed Electric Vehicles the Might-E Truck travels at a top speed of 40km/hr. These electric trucks work well as downtown maintenance trucks or in specialized applications such as local garbage pickup and grounds keeping.

Current Projects:

Solar hot water system

Converting high emission gas powered vehicles

Although our product focus is the manufacture of Might-E Truck we also continue to supply kits to convert high emission gas powered vehicles to zero emission electric vehicles.


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