On November 5, 2009, the 4th Annual MISTIC Science, Technology & Innovation Awards took place and on
November 6, 2009 the inaugural MISTIC Innovation Showcase Tradeshow at the Vancouver Island
Conference Centre during National Technology Week.


Winner at the 2009 MISTIC Science, Technology & Innovation Awards:

Randy Holmquist, Canadian Electric Vehicles – WINNER (Errington)

Randy Holmquist, owner of Canadian Electric Vehicles (CEV), Errington, BC converted his car to electric in the 1990s as a
hobby – a starting point from which Holmquist has developed a successful global business. CEV was established in 1995
with the initial focus to provide the designs and parts for converting gas vehicles to non-polluting electric. Conversions
ranged from three wheeled vehicles, 22’ house boat and full-sized cars and trucks. In 2000 CEV was approached by Los
Angeles airport to design and build a zero emission aircraft refueling truck. Since then over 50 three ton trucks have been
converted to electric and are in service in US, Dubai, Puerto Rico, Australia and in 2009 England. The Might-E Tug, electric
towing unit, was designed to reduce employee injuries by towing a variety of carts and equipment weighing up to 7,000
pounds. Over 150 Might-E Tugs are now in use around the world in hospitals, ferry terminals, manufacturing plants and
airports. Holmquist’s primary focus is the Might-E Truck, a custom electric utility vehicle used as maintenance service
vehicle, garbage pickup and grounds keeping. The Might-E Truck is in operation at campuses, resorts, municipalities, fire
stations, and federal and provincial governments.


At the MISTIC Awards, thirty-nine finalists were selected from 94 nominations in 13 awards categories. Finalists
and winners that were celebrated and showcased represented the MISTIC region, encompassing Mill Bay in
the south to the tip of Vancouver Island in the north, including communities on the Sunshine Coast and Gulf

MISTIC presents these awards to highlight and recognize companies and individuals that have demonstrated
passion, commitment, sound business practices and innovative thinking. “The science and technology sectors
within the MISTIC region are often referred to as the hidden industries as many people are not aware of the
innovative entrepreneurs and businesses that are creating and developing cutting edge products and services”,
says Carolyn Tatton, Executive Director of MISTIC. “The gala event brought these activities to the forefront and
provided acknowledgment and gratitude to the diverse innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses and staff for their
determination, hard work and creativity”.